It’s 25 and awesome here

*Sigh* and so ends my trip to Victoria. It’s gorgeous outside here. It’s been beautiful here, the past few days, and on top of that, I’M NOW 25 YEARS OLD! yeah. I’m pumped to be a quarter of a century old. And it was about 25 degrees out this afternoon. Nice, cloudless day. Yeah. It’s been so nice. And on the up side, I don’t feel half as sick as I did two days ago! Or even yesterday! Woowoo! Only a slight cough, a little nose running, and a little ear plugging left. Yay!

I like summer.

But I don’t like bugs.

That’s about all there is to say about that, I believe. I’m heading back to Edmonton tomorrow. I should get in about 4:30-ish or so. I hope it’s warm there. I’ve become used to this Victoria weather.

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