Well, everyone else is doing it…

So I am too! I checked my blog RSS feeds this morning, and nealy everyone on it updated!!! Holy carps! Okay, well, nearly everyone means significantly more than one right now. Even mister Travis!

So I’m updating too.

I have found a very awesomely cool podcast that I think you all should give a try. It’s called Pray As You Go. It’s done by the Jesuits and it’s a maximum of 13 minutes per day of reflective, meditative prayer that you can download and listen to as you’re working out, or as you’re driving to work (or walking), or really frustrated, or just hanging out. You don’t need iTunes to listen to it, just download the specific day you want or download the whole week’s worth, then transfer it onto your mp3 player or music program, and *poof!* you’re got a prayer ready for you to take part in for maximum of 13 minutes! Now, in order to keep the integrity of the prayer, I don’t suggest doing something that really challenges you to keep focus (like answering email, or really doing anything else on the computer…um…hypothetically speaking). Just take 10-13 minutes for God and take part in the prayer.

Yeah, that’s my big plug for them. I think it’s pretty cool. They’re doing Advent now, which they’re experimenting as an ongoing prayer, that is, building up from the day before’s experience. They weren’t doing that in Ordinary Time. Just so you know.

Yup, other than that, 16 days until I get to go home and see Andy! I am very looking forward to that. Very, I say. Aaaand I have a meeting in 30 minutes, so I should probably get ready for that (I’m still at home in my pjs right now).

It was nice to see the pictures of snow that people put up! I miss it. And I can’t wait to see it again when I come home!!!


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