Adventy Christmas!

Merry Advent!
I am so extremely excited: I am going home in 4 days 21 hours, baby! WOOHOO! Yay! And I have a bin full of Christmas pressies to take with me as checked baggage (as long as it doesn’t exceed the weight of 100 lbs). I can’t wait to see everyone again! Especially my Andy; it feels like it’s been waaaay too long (5 months), and we’re gonna meet in RL! yay! He’s getting hugged when I see him in the airport.

So this is Christmas, and what have you done? Another year over, and a new one just begun.

I’ve been listening to my Nutcracker cd I got a few Christmases back, and holy carps does that put me in a Christmasy mood. Nearly all my presents are wrapped; the only ones left are the ones I haven’t bought yet. My credit cards are in need of being paid down *cringe*, but I’m very excited about the gifts I’ve bought :). Ooh, crap, I forgot laundry. That’s the other thing – I think I’ve done all the laundry I need to before taking off on Friday (yay!), which is great. Including bed stuffs! I’m so organised. .. .maybe.

So there’s news among Edmontonians regarding Bishop Collins’ placement. An interesting event, no doubt. I believe he will fit in very well at the Toronto archdiocese; his actions and his theology have been experienced by me as very eastern Canadian, and I believe that will benefit greatly the Toronto archdiocese.

And speaking of theology, I miss it. I miss not having a scheduled, evaluative weekly theology something in my life. Enjoy it while you have it, folks, cause it’s a blessing in disguise (darned good disguise, too).

And on a vague not-going-to-enter-the-whole-rant point, I think the Church should be a leader in raising its prophetic voice to society that would grant its own workers time at home just after our major celebrations (Christmas and Easter) rather than subscribing to the minimal norm of one (US) or two (Canada) days off. That amount of time truly does not permit a person to enter fully into a celebration of the seasons. I think, generally speaking, the Church has failed to use its prophetic voice in this area, of demonstrating its leadership potential when it comes to the dignity of the worker and work. At least that’s what I see, and I readily admit I do not see everything. One thing that provoked this was that I heard that those who work at the Edmonton archdiocese have to be back at work on the 27th unless they take vacation time. I find that not in compliance with how I understand our morality passed down to us. Aaaand I’m going to leave it at that or I’ll start going into the why with a lot more detail.

Ooh! I had such an amazing time last week – Wednesday I went out with some youth ministers from the north of the diocese (which is about an hour drive, roughly) and I haven’t laughed that hard since I left Prince George to move here. They were so funny, and I’ll tell you, I’ve never gotten so silly after 1 glass of wine than with them that night. And I discovered that one of the north parishes has a college group (obviously not just for those in college) on Tuesday nights, so I’m thinking of taking that up with a YM friend and finding some fellowship there.

At any rate, I hope you’re all doing well and keeping happy! I heard the Christmas wrapping went well over the weekend! Yay! I loved doing that. If I don’t see you (many I won’t) have a Happy Christmas, and enjoy the rest of the season of anticipation and preparation (Advent)!!!! Go to a retreat!

Edit: Andy showed me this site, Take Back Your Time that really coincides well with my would-be rant I just posted yesterday. I am (so far) totally for this!!! Raise the awareness!!

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