Good day, all you people!
So, another week or so has gone by. I can’t remember when I last posted and I am much too lazy to check. And really, can you expect me to?

At any rate, my hectic weekend is over (as of last weekend, actually), and it went really well, I just exhausted myself to the point of hurting myself, but that was solved with some sodium, sugar, and water (right Celia?). It is unfortunate that I have been so busy lately, cause I’ve just joined Curves, which is a really great program. I enjoy it, it keeps exercise simple and easy, but they have funny hours. They’re open from 7am-12:30pm, then 3-7pm. I was going in the mornings, getting there about 8am, but this week I’m doing Survival School (for ministers, is what the audience is aimed at) this week and I don’t get home until later than 7. Oh well. I’ll get there. I like it a lot and I don’t want to give it up.

At any rate, if you don’t know already, the wedding will be on June 30th next year, we have that booked with Fr. Richard at St. Mary’s Parish. Andy and I are currently working on a website that will carry more information about it and when, and directions, and all that other sort of jazz. So if you’re planning for next summer, come on over to BC (if you’re not already there!). You can tour Jasper or our lovely Camp Morice and spend a week enjoying the mountains and the lake (though the lake would be quite cold still at this time, as my memory crisply remembers). Lots of things to do, especially camping, too. Or rock climbing (just ask Johnson or the Bagnalls). PG is the place to be for next summer’s July long weekend! (That sounds so badly like a plug, and it’s knawing at me…oh well. I’m lazy today).

I’m trying to think of anything else going on. We have a diocesan beach party going on this Friday coming, and I have to somehow call teens to remind them to come out for it. I got a parent driver! I’m all proud of it. Yay!

At any rate, I have some (not very good quality as I took them with my phone) pictures for all of you of the area, so enjoy what you can of them!

1. This first picture is actually from behind one of our hills (I’m on top, looking behind the hill to the east, and the little city-type dealie there is a part of Camp Pendleton, which is kinda cool, really.
2. This one is the view toward the ocean from the hill, down the road. It’s too bad it’s hazy out, cause it’s such a beautiful view. To the right of the fence is the canyon the next picture is taken across.
3. And again, toward the ocean, across the canyon. All the houses that are on these hills are so unbelievably expensive that I can’t even imagine the cost. Except if you hear that famous people are spending X amount on a house for a view, these are the houses they’re buying. I should take a picture to show you the types of houses there are here. Maybe next post…
4. Again, across the canyon to the other hill, where the sun is setting. I was hoping that we might be able to see some of the sizes of the houses over there, but apparently the sun got in the way. Again, next time.
5. This is from the Metrolink station, which is right beside the ocean (obviously). This is called North Beach in SC (San Clemente; also South County, Southern California, StarCraft, Second Cup, and there are a couple others, but you get the idea), and they’re in the process of redeveloping it so that it’s more tourist friendly (restaurants, boutiques, hotel somewhere along the way). I like it as is, but it might be nice if it’s a little developed. Perhaps I’ll see eventually.

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