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Well well, it’s been busy!
I have a bike! Yes, on a Friday in the recent past, I bought a bike. WEEEEEE!!! Well, currently it’s sitting locked up outside. When we bought it, the people working in the store that day did not give the impression that they knew what they were talking about with the bike (we asked for recommendations on certain additions, like racks, lights, etc. they just told us what items they had, and pointed in the general direction of others), so we just took it with the idea we’d go back during the day and hopefully encounter someone a little more knowledgeable. Hopefully that day is today, my friends! And I’ll try to take Andy’s bike in for some TLC. It’s in a bit of rough shape.

So, in the previous post, we mentioned that we donated blood. Alas, that it was the end of my health! Two days later I got sick with something flu-like, and I lost my blood for nothing :(. It was a good intention, right? At least I got fresh baked cookies out of it though! Mmmmm. I want cookies. At any rate, I got better.

Just this past weekend we had a visitor! Yay visitors! Heather, Andy’s sister, came for the weekend and chose (I repeat, chose) to hang out with us. We had a good time!! Friday we made fresh pasta with my brand spanking new pasta maker (mmm, tasty!), Saturday we didn’t do a whole lot. We were planning on going to the parish picnic, but they decided to change locations from the park to the church parking lot because there were darker clouds in the sky (I’m not bitter, really). It was a big disappointment, as we really wanted a park and a bbq, instead we got a parking lot, a hall and a bbq. Just not as fun. And the site was even sheltered at the park! Anyway, we ate, then left. Then we went for a drive through the expensive, rich houses area along the riverbank and criticised them, mostly. We liked a number of them, but it’s surprising (or shouldn’t it be?) that there are a lot of butt-ugly and grossly huge houses in those areas. It was great fun! There are some nice view points along the high bank that overlook east of the river, which was really neat. Sunday we did nothing. We planned to eat food, and we did. We really out-did ourselves with supper (BBQ) and had troubles moving or thinking of food all the way up until Monday morning! Then Heather jumped on her flight home and we waved our hands in farewell. Or something poetic like that, but in a rush (like always with the Korvemakers).

There isn’t too much else yet, but the week’s only starting still (though nearly half-done!) I am hoping to apply for a job that will yield a good result. I won’t be at Reitman’s for much longer, as I can’t take 3 weeks holiday not having been there a year yet, but that’ll be mid-July-ish. So I’m hoping that the job I want to apply for will work out. It’s a ministry job, which I’ve been feeling a need to get back into. Say a prayer and keep your fingers crossed that it’ll work out. The closing date for applying isn’t until early July.

That’s about all our news so far. Once I figure out how to add a picture to a post, I’ll put one a pic of my NEW BIKE! and of Heather’s visit. Hope you’re all well!!

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