Quick Note on the RE Congress

Story of a life time. So I was meeting Anthony (from my parish, a Youth Ministry helper) at the “cafeteria” tables in the back of the exhibit hall, and all the tables are crowded. That meant that we were sitting with random people at the table, consisting of a couple eating lunch, and a bunch of people from Salt Lake City (nice people). Then the Salt Lake people took off, and were replaced (rather quickly) with 3 other people. The guy in the group reached over to the other couple sitting there and introduced himself as Paul, just as the lady beside me introduced herself as Giselle from Saskatchewan and things went ‘click’. I had lunch with Paul Fachet as well as Lisa & Giselle from the retreat centre he works at. Of all the places to come across an old, beloved professor again, this one was certainly unexpected and welcomed!

Loving God through my family, friends, and interactions in my world.


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