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Photographs are inspiring, and it’s a world of creativity thinking about scenes in photos. I wanted to challenge myself to writing short posts regularly and I always find myself venturing into being self-reflective in photos, so I’m jotting down a few notes along with an image that I’ve come across and how it pertains to life. I invite you to share your own thoughts on the photo along with me, whether posted or not. Let the image draw you into some type of reflection!

make-your-own-pathRemembering serenity.

This photo brings back memories of myself at a younger age. A time in my life when exploration was an easy option for me, and when major responsibilities were not yet upon my shoulders. In my hometown of Prince George, BC, there were many parks and walking trails in the surrounding foothills. I was an avid writer at this point in my life, and I found trails that led to beautiful places offered space to engage that creativity and to reflect. Often there weren’t many wanderers on these trails and there’s a peace that comes with being enveloped in a forest in which there is no one else. Hearing the birds, the soft dirt under each step, the occasional crack of a tree. Being alone, thinking masses of things, and encountering God in these moments; this is what I remember, and this is what this picture draws me into.

Remembering serenity.

Loving God through my family, friends, and interactions in my world.

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  • Uncle Lu

    Natures Sounds. The wind in the trees, the snap of a twig under foot. Leaves scurrying away as you approach. No mechanical sounds. No whirring or whining. No revolution of tires against tarmac. No sounds of something being made to rush in a specific direction. Serenity.. you nailed it!

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