Ahhh, the sweet smell of internet

We have finally joined our forces again with invading the internet with our personal trifes and trials! We are back online baby! Needless to say, Andy’s overly pleased.
We also have our home phone line hooked up. If you need it, please email us. Or check my facebook. Most of you should be able to see it.
That’s really about it. At the moment, we’re working on figuring out where our money went during February, our trickiest month. Good thing it was so short. We may have over spent on alcohol :-). Ah well, we knew it would be a tricky month to keep tabs on. Now it’s just staying on budget for the rest of the month (blargh!). I hate working on finances. I like the end result, but I don’t like the getting there part. Okay, well usually I like the end result. Last month – not so much. Oh well.
Anyway, just thought I’d give a quick update on the internet situation.
And Mum – if you’re reading this, you have to send me those pictures from your camera!!

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