The Thunder Show

Hey everyone!
Beyond all doubts, first thing’s first: Check out the Thunder Show on (or the link to the right of nav bar). This guy, who calls himself Gary Vaynerchuk, is totally rad at exposing you to some pretty sweet sounding wines. Andy and I already have a list of different wineries that sound like they’d be good to check out for certain wines. If you like wine, check this show out. If you don’t like wine but want to, check this show out. If you don’t like wine and don’t want to, check out this guy’s personality – the first time ’round, it’s definitely like being struck by something…loud & outgoing, so be careful, and stay past 15 or 30 seconds! I love his descriptions of how the wines taste to him. Oh, for a good summary of his personality and what the show’s about, check out episode 125 . So that’s that. Check it out, it’s my new thing. It’s totally awesome to put it on while doing dishes or cleaning or what have you. And keep track of the wines that sound good to you! Make a list! Check it twice. Well, once might be enough. But do it! Good stuff.

Other than that, Andy and I have a kitchen cart! We built it! Not from scratch, but from Superstore! And it was $250 cheaper than what we thought we’d have to pay for one! So I’m very excited. It’s gonna work a wonder for me in the kitchen, and it’s a nice investment for the suite.

That’s about all that’s new. Andy and I are gonna attempt our second batch of wine this weekend, we’ll keep you on the nose about that. Our last batch is just about ready to be drunk, so let us know when you want to sample it and come on over!

Keep safe & keep warm

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