San Francisco, Baby!

I drove 7.5 hours to get here, and I love it! I’ve been visiting Brian here in Sunnyvale since Friday. It is so very nice to see a friendly and familiar face from Canada! There is absolutely nothing that can beat that while living down here. I miss Canadianisms. And attitude. And lifestyle. *sigh* I’m learning loads, though.

So, one thing that’s really nice about being this far north (which isn’t all that far north, comparatively), is that it feels like fall here! Woowoo! I just checked the temperature for here and for San Clemente, and it’s 15C here and 22C there. It’s a nice difference. I like being able to feel cold again. Which is ironic in many ways, cause yesterday I got cold and I had forgotten my sweater back home (it was right beside my luggage bag! Right beside it!). So I had to buy a new one, and it’s a fleecy kinda jacket I bought at Pier 39 (it’s pier # 39 on the bay that’s just popular and has many restaurants and shops and stuff). It’s warm and nice, and I’m happy now. Oooh!!! I also bought a Beatles mug!! It’s the coolest thing ever! I’ll include pictures of it at the end of the post.

So yesterday Brian and I headed to the Exploratorium and spent the afternoon there. It’s similar to the Odyssium in Edmonton, but much bigger. And outside are all these absolutely massive statues and constructs that feel very ancient Greek. I have pictures of those at the end of the post too. They were so absolutely massive!!! And sooo cool! I really really want to go to Greece now! Well, not that the desire ever died since Gr. 7 when we studied Greece, but now experiencing something similar in grandeur, I really want to go again. The Exploratorium was really cool, though. So much neat stuff there. I liked it! Then we went to Fisherman’s Wharf and Pier 39. Oooh, there’s this sea lion reserve-type thing beside Pier 39, so there were hundreds of these sea lions barking on the small docks provided for them! Hundreds! And they smell. And fight each other.

So that’s been it so far. We had supper at the pier and dessert, bought some chocolate, and walked back to the car. It was all pretty darned cool.

When we got back, Andy had internet! If you don’t know already, Andy is in the process of moving. And so is my brother, Adam. In fact, they’re both moving in to an apartment/unit/place together and sharing rent for the next year. They have a landline! Yes, that’s odd. But at any rate, if you talk with them, you can ask them where they are, why they are, and how they are. And, is it just me, or is it kinda weird odds that they worked together temporarily to be made into permanently (like, instead of just for the summer, now year round too) and are now living together?

At any rate, that’s about it for now. No idea what we’re planning for today. Might go for a drive or something cool. I have to go check on Bilius (my car’s name. Free accommodation for a week in San Clemente for the person who can tell me why my car’s named Bilius! Well, as long as I haven’t told you why already) and make sure he’s around still. And not broken. Cause that would be very sad. Very sad indeed.

And the next video: Who’s On First?

At any rate, enjoy the pictures and the video, and I hope to hear comments from you!

1. This is when we were driving up to the Exploratorium, and the view of the ‘ruins’
2-7. Pictures of us with the ‘ruins’
8. A picture of a San Francisco street, in which it’s hard to see the major hill one would have to drive up to follow the street, but I guarantee you it’s there!
9. Okay, it’s hard to see, but the white bump is the island Alcatraz
10. Me with the island Alcatraz behind me, which is really hard to see given we took these pictures with our phones. The boat is clearer, but the hill behind my head is Alcatraz. The picture is taken from Pier 39.
11. My Beatles mug
12. The inside lip of my Beatles mug. It says ‘Love Is All You Need,’ if you can’t read it.

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