1. HAPPY EASTER! Christ is risen -today-!

2. If you have juice can lids, please give them to my mom before Tuesday next week, or you’ll have to hold on to them and let them take up room until July.

3. Please keep this youth ministry meeting that Maggie and I are doing Sunday in your prayers. I’m getting that nervous feeling that people won’t come out to it, so knowing people are praying about it will be helpful!

4. I’m going to Catalina Island with the Gr. 6 class for a science camp! I’ll be gone Monday to Wednesday, leaving early Mon and arriving late Wed. I’m looking forward to it!

That’s about it. Everyone’s been unusually quiet this Easter. Hope things are going okay and I didn’t miss some sort of underground party. :D.

Loving God through my family, friends, and interactions in my world.


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