Happy Easter!

Today is Easter! Happy Easter to everyone! Enjoy the feast! Celebrate!

I love the Octave of Easter. :D.

In other news, a great big THANKS! to Frank and Sharon for dropping of some frozen juice can lids!!!! I NEED FROZEN JUICE CAN LIDS! My mum will be sending those and others to Andy within the next week, so if you’ve been saving them up (from the PG region), then please drop them off at my mum’s place within the week so to be sent’d! Then you won’t be collecting them for eons before I get to taking them off your hands for you. So this week folks!

Other news…uhm…well, there isn’t really. It’s Claire’s birthday in a month! Katie’s in a month and five days, and mine in a month and nine days! So think of what you might want to give me, whether it be a hug, a card, a car, a flower, a really nice rock (clear and sharper than anything would be nice ;), or money (I’m still taking donations), I’d be happy if you noticed that I turn a year older, whatever form that takes.

Yup, that’s it. Happy Easter everyone!

Loving God through my family, friends, and interactions in my world.

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