A Canadian Favour!

G’day peeps!
I need to ask a favour of all of you, if you could please!!! My dilemma is this: we cannot play Mamma Bear Pappa Bear for lack of frozen juice tin lids! No one here buys frozen juice!! I’ve asked and asked, and I have not heard hide nor hair from anyone indicating they were saving them for youth ministry. In fact, I was given a ‘heads up’ that people in orange county are much more likely to just buy juice in its bottles than bother with frozen stuff that gets all sticky and which they have to actually work for in order to drink…

So, I am asking, please, that if you do drink juice that’s from the frozen section and in the tins, I would really appreciate it if you could save up your lids for me! If you’re in Prince, if you could wash the lids and give them to Adam or my mum, that’d be great, or if you’re in Edmonton and surrounding area, please likewise wash them and give them to Andy. I would really really appreciate your help with this if you could remember me here when you’re throwing those tins away!

Other than that, things are pretty good. It’s really warm today. Like, 83F warm, which is the hottest I’ve seen it for about a month. Um…that’s about 28C. Dunno why I have this sweater on….


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