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Happy New Adventy Year!

If you’re a person of faith, particularly the Catholic kind, today is the celebration of our new year! Only 9 days until the Year of Mercy starts, very exciting.

Here in the Korvemaker household, we were very busy today, hustling and bustling. But not for the reasons you might suspect.

Each of the older two children have a quiet time in the afternoon, separately, lasting between an hour to an hour and a half each. While Cassia was in her quiet time (and Felicity was napping), Spencer pulled out his Lego and was building on the living room floor. For some strange reason, I decided I should join him and build too.

The thing about his Lego is this: for some reason, he pulled all the Lego people’s legs off and “dispensed” with them. I have no idea where they have gone. There is one small set of legs that are for a kid Lego person, so they’re half-sized and don’t bend, and that is the only set of legs that one can find. Without tearing the house apart.

So, I started collecting the people to look at them and made a strange discovery. One of them looked like Andy.

Lego AndySo I made him a car and I couldn’t find the coffee mug (I know there was one at one point), so I gave him a wine glass in its stead. So little Lego Andy drove around for awhile drinking coffee from his wine mug. Spencer pointed out that it was pretty normal for him to have a wine glass, but he shouldn’t be driving with it cause that’s bad. I agreed. So I moved on.

That’s when I made another discovery: there’s a Lego person who looks like my brother, Adam: Adam real and legoMy brother is a volunteer firefighter, and there was a firefighter set of Lego mixed in with everything, so I decided to build him a firetruck. lego firefighter1lego firefighter2So then he had to go on a rescue operation: lego firefighter3

In which he turned evil (well, why not?): Lego firefighter robber

Then, because there was a lot of blue and red, I thought, “I could make a pool!” and this came about: Lego Adam and AndyAfter completing this, I thought, hey, it wouldn’t be too hard to re-enact a scene from our trip to Mexico in 2011 with the swim-up bar.

Lego Mexico trip
(-mostly- true story)

Lego Mexico trip 2And then, for no good reason, I attempted the bridge from Star Trek: the Next Generation. Lego Star TrekLego Star Trek 2Lego Star Trek 3Suddenly, the afternoon was gone. And that, my friends, is how we celebrated the new Adventy year. We should have pulled out some decorations and put the tree up, but instead we played with Lego and spent too much time making cool things. Though it is extremely strange that Lego made my brother and husband. How could I not take advantage of that?

Happy Advent!

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