399 Days!

Well, my trip to Edmonton/S’Toon/Regina was really awesome. Had a fabulous birthday party with da goils, sang Happy Birthday loudly twice to Claire in Boston Pizza :), played the Harry Potter: Scene It! game Adam bought me and promptly beat him to smitherines :D. Went shopping!!! Yay on Reitmans! Got lots of new clothes that fit well. Then headed out to S’Toon for Jacqui and James‘s wedding, which was totally awesome! They’re in Paris right now on their honeymoon, so I hope they’re totally enjoying that experience!! Yay Paris! And James had the Lucius Malfoy snake staff in nearly all the pictures I saw taken at the church, so that was pretty funny and good. (Glad you like it James!). What else…I think that was it with S’Toon.

Next day we headed to Regina, it was my first time there. It’s pretty nice. I like the legislature area with the not-natural lake. It’s really pretty there. And there’s lots of geese. And their poo. Then we headed to Andy’s folk’s place and hung out for the rest of the evening. That was pretty nice and relaxing. They’re really awesome; Andy’s younger bro was in from Calgary, his older bro and sis-in-law and new nephew were also in town from Waterloo, so that was really cool. I like them all a lot; oddly enough, they seemed quite like Andy in many ways, even though they’re all different. They just had something core about them, and holy crap does Andy ever look like his dad! It’s weird. That was fabulous, though.

And, as has been anticipated by some commentors already, the news: Andy and I are engaged as of last Saturday, and we’re hoping the date for the wedding will be June 30, 2007 in Prince George (St. Mary’s church). We’ve been thinking and discerning this for a number of months, and it just felt like the right time to take this next step. We both have engagement rings, so if you’re in Edmonton, you can see what they look like by hounding Andy :D. He said he was going to put up a picture of them on his site. We’ll see if that happens…;). Consider yourselves invited to celebrate with us next year! 399 days!

That’s about it from me. I have some pictures from the trip below!

PS. I forgot: tomorrow is my brithday, so make sure you say ‘happy being 24!’ to me or something :D.

1. Katie and Adam at BP’s
2. The bunch of us celebrating our birthdays (and specifically Claire’s, cause it was hers)
3. Claire and her free slice of cake (and Gwen’s hands holding it up)
4. Jacqui and I (and James to the right, apparently)
5. James and the Lucius Malfoy snake staff (and his wedding ring he made sure to get in the photo too)
6. The Party
7. Jacqui & James’s first dance
8. Jacqui & James
9. Us four
10. Picture of us and the flatness of Saskatchewan
11. Us and the grain elevator thingy
12. Heather and Walter (Andy’s siblings)
13. Heather
14. Frank, Ben & Christie (Ben’s his older bro, Christie his sister-in-law)
15. Toni
16. Little ‘phew Brandon
17. the new family and grandpa Frank to the left
18. Andy and I at the airport prior me taking off

Loving God through my family, friends, and interactions in my world.


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