Americans Daft Too!

It seems that our lower North American counterparts have issues reading the release date as well, as a boy and his mother were able to pick up a copy from a New York pharmacy. Glad they were good sports about it, as they sent their copy back to Scholastic.

In other Harry news (not much else interesting out there, is there?), the back cover of the deluxe edition (American cover) has been officially released by Scholastic, and I’d thought I’d share my intrigue:

Who is that mysterious person ahead of Dumbledore and Harry? Why are they sneaking? And what house is that, that it’s hidden away in the shadowy tangle of the dark green forest? Is that the forbidden forest? Does Grawp have a part in all this? What’s the fence from – is this a run-down house? A Death Eater’s hang out? Is this where Dumbledore might die? (I think he’ll die in the series, for those who haven’t heard my theory). Why aren’t they wearing Harry’s Invisibility Cloak? Gah! So many questions! Not much longer yet! Not much longer at all!

If you’re interested, Scholastic has made a video of the first American edition of the Half-Blood Prince being signed by JK Rowling, and the fancy treatment the book gets as it’s sent across the ocean to the US.

2 days, 13 hours. I never thought it would get this close so quickly.

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