Roughing It

Friday morning Erin, Andrew, Rachel and I headed out to Grizzly Den, a 2-3 hour hike to the cabin. So with our bags packed tightly (except Rachel, whose bag was saggy) we headed off. Now, I don’t hike like this often, so bearing in mind that I’m quite out of shape for a hike like this, the hike to the cabin was nothing short of absolutely brutal. It was all uphill, except for perhaps 10 minutes. And this isn’t slow-rising uphill, this is practically vertical uphill in a few areas. Not only was most of it uphill, but there is about 20 minutes of walking that is in a valley, which, if you haven’t waterproof boots (like the other three), you have absolutely no chance of keeping your feet dry. None. Then it’s another half hour (I could be exaggerating, I can’t remember, it was just a long uphill walk after the Dead Marsh, as I nicknamed it) to Grizzly Den itself. It was sooo nice to finally arrive. It was a good challenge to get there, and worth it though I wasn’t fully prepared for it. Spent a lovely evening hanging out and stoking the fire (we even got it glowing red at the back of the stove!) with a little detour toward the top of the mountain, though we never made it as it looked like a wet storm was heading our way (which never hit us) and we didn’t want to be wet again, as we just got dry. So we gathered some pictures and some video of the area we hiked up to and headed back. There was a really nice clear stream right beside the cabin (and extremely cold), and a nice view into the valley. They have a wood stock out there, which was really nice, and they recently (according to Erin) build an outhouse, which I used only once (it stunk). Rachel and I didn’t want to use it after dark either, as it’s kinda freaky outside, especially when you know it’s bear country (we didn’t really see any wildlife out there, though).
We left Saturday, I borrowed Rachel’s sandals to get through the Dead Marshes, then switched back to my dried up “hiking” shoes. Made it back much, much easier than the hike there (it was almost all downhill), and it started to rain and hail as soon as we reached Andrew’s car, so it was perfect timing. If you want to see a few pictures from my camera, there are some on my website under PG Pics. Once I gather more of them from Andrew, I’ll be sure to put them up. And link to a video he’s putting together of a couple things.
That’s about all there is for now. Hope all’s well with you folks! Peace,

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