I Have Arrived!

Hello you peoples!
I’m sure you’ve all been -dying- to hear from me. Anyways, it’s been a week since I’ve been back from camp (one of the worst experiences I’ve ever endured) and trying to work and stuff in town, but I’m now here with an update! I even brought pictures along! That’s right, the PG pictures area on my website has been updated again with lots of good photos from the Teen Camp week. The Teens were really good, the SUPERvisors were really good…there was a lot of inbetween stuff that bit hard, though.

There isn’t much other news. I applied and was trained at a phone telemarket place, but I just can’t handle it – I’ve never worked at something that has so -not- been my style before, and it was driving me nuts. We’ll see, the cafe at my favourite bookstore is hiring a cook, and I think that’d be pretty sweet.

No one else is updating, I’ve seen, not even the Traveller over in Germany there, but I assume he’s pretty busy. My friend Celia just received a copy of StarCraft, so I think if anyone has any time, it might be fun to put together an online game again. It’s been a long while for me.

In other news, I’ll be heading to Chilliwack next Thursday for the weekend, and I’m so very much looking forward to that. It’s been a very long number of years since I’ve been to visit my family in their home there. And I’ll be able to get some Chilliwack corn – best I’ve ever tasted! That Taber (sp?) corn has nothing on Chilliwack.

That’s about all, people. The reflection on Horcruxes won’t happen this week, but may perhaps be up next week, for those looking for the reflections. I have to reread a bit to get my bearings again.

So until next time, all you surfers, enjoy your weather!

Loving God through my family, friends, and interactions in my world.

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