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This is about the size and shape of the little one currently growing in me. For those who haven’t yet heard our joyful news, Andy and I are expecting our second babe sometime in early Fall.

I realized something was going on when after the weekend that I was sick with a stomach flu the nausea didn’t completely go away. At Andy’s encouragement I took another home pregnancy test and it came out positive. Many of you also know I have Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and my cycle can sometimes be crazily irregular. It has been fairly normal since Spencer, but this December was the first time it acted up again. So I took a home pregnancy test at the time I expected my normal period to be and it was negative. A few weeks later when we remembered to take my temperature again, it was low (which is usually not a sign of pregnancy), so we continued on with life. Then the sickness came and poof, so did the pregnancy. And we’re joyful!

This past weekend Andy and I were on a couple’s retreat together, which was a wonderful gift. However, on Sunday, I had some blood showing, so Monday (yesterday), I went to the walk-in clinic to talk with a doctor about it (I had an appointment booked with my family Dr. on Thursday), and he scheduled an ultrasound for this morning. Everything looks great, and the little babe even has a heartbeat, hence the 6-week picture above. I will find out on Thursday morning when my due date is.

And that, my friends, is my joyful news today!

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