A Prayer

I discovered this not too long ago, and thought it was rather cool. It suited my mood on Sunday, at the least.

A Prayer

A bittersweet symphony waylays the joy that would play upon my heart.

Alas! That days should find me thus: as a heart wearied from an unexpected journey afar, and long bereft the familiarity of home.

Whence came this sorrow? this melancholy that sits upon my breast? That the day would end and night fall upon my brow! Then mayhap the Dawn will bring with her glad tidings of peace and comfort. How my heart keeps unhappy vigilance!

O! Would that my heart stop its tarrying upon needless wonts. O! Would that it grieved not at this parting. O, that I could drink the sweet wine upon my lips and not taste the bitter dregs, for bitterness is now my portion.

Long have I awaited this Day. May the light of Ilúvatar guide the paths of the waylaid. Násië elen síla lúmenna.


Loving God through my family, friends, and interactions in my world.

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