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Wilds of British Columbia. And Kids.

Earlier this year I traveled into the wilds by myself with our three wild kids through Saskatchewan, through Alberta, to halfway through British Columbia. To Prince George, in fact. The place, not the child. As they say, it was an … Continue reading

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On Driving 3 Provinces With 3 Kids

These pickles. They survived the road with me as the only parent for 3 days. This is now the second time I’ve driven this long-Yellowhead-Highway trek with them, which is an impressive 1256 km long. One major difference made us … Continue reading

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Major News in the Korvemaker Lives


As you may guess from the picture, we’re expecting a baby in early March! I’m currently just over 12 weeks along in the pregnancy, and overall, things have seemed fairly typical. I started having ‘morning’ sickness about the 5th week, which was really horrible. I could mostly manage to eat crackers, grapes, and water. We found a family doctor about a week later, and she prescribed me with Diclectin, which is an anti-nausea prescription, made of an anti-histamine and vitamin B6. I have to say, I am very very happy that she did. Although I was still turned off by many many foods, I could actually manage to eat again. And apparently it’s only available in Canada. Again, I’m very glad I moved back, though obviously not for that reason at the time :).
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Quick Update

It’s been awhile since we updated, so I figured I’ve give a brief one right now.
There has mostly been a lot of nothing going on right now. I’ve been working, Andy’s been…well…relaxing, I suppose. We had a good Canada Day, and that’s been our excitement. Mostly. Heather, Andy’s sister, is coming to visit us next week. Well, we’re picking her up in Waterloo, then we’re going camping in Algonquin Park (note to self: bug repellent and citronella candles) for a few days before heading back here. I’m super excited for that! yay! I love camping.

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Tan Lines and More!

We’ve been doing a lot of biking this week, which has been very enjoyable. We’ve very close to the trails that run in the greenbelt, which expand throughout the city and into parks. Yesterday, though, we decided to bike to Canadian Tire to look at some potting options for my plants, and also to get to the CAA and change our address with them. I had just bought a new bike helmet (after giving up the one I had had for 13 or so years), and guess what – it has a visor! So exciting. Well, it floats my boat anyway. And I needed a bell for the bike.

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