Long Weekend Away!

Only 3 days until the long weekend! I’m very excited, as Andy and I are going camping in Jasper and we’ll get to test out our camping gear for all the camping we’re planning for the summer. We were supposed to get some of our gear out of storage last night to start gathering it, but apparently the extended version of Return of the King took priority, cause we didn’t even attempt to go into the storage room. However, Andy did manage to spill his stir fry on the couch, which resulted in us taking the cover off and washing it. It came off, thankfully. Just another adventure in the lives of the Korvemakers. He was telling me that only earlier that day he had attempted an accidental attack on his work computer using only momentum and a cup of coffee.

Apparently the computer tried to interpret ‘Korvemakers’ as ‘Troublemakers’ before ‘Coffeemaker’ this time. That’s a little off topic, but there you have it.

Other than that, it’s only 13 days until my birthday!


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