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Monday’s Meandering Mind

The meandering mind contains much to be considered, and what better day than Monday to give voice to these thoughts over the past week.

I live in Canada.

I am not be expected to take part in the vote south of our great land, and I am thrilled with this. My head hurts just thinking of the outcomes of either candidate for that country – and for other countries who will have to force the smiles.

Given the situation, prayer is my only form of response to that situation. I pray the God will work miracles even through the haggard and ugliness of the situation. I’m reminded of some of the ‘texts of terror’ in the bible, where women are abused or very mal-treated; but even through dire circumstances, God’s will is done. Though it perhaps could have been done better and more in line with God’s vision if the people involved thought less of themselves more often.

Kids’ Sports

Spencer started karate today¬†and he is more than thrilled to be back at it. He did 10 push ups and 20 jumping jacks before I took the girls out for a walk. I won’t speak to the quality of them, but he did them. I’m very much looking forward to his continued work in this field of study.

Love library trips.
Love library trips.


Andy’s birthday is one week from today. He’ll be 39-and-holding from that point onwards. We are planning ham (his favourite) and chocolate cake. Perhaps this Baked Potato Volcano. I suppose vegtables of some type are in order. We’ve been loving Crack Broccoli (the girls chomp it down like crazy). I’m a little stumped on gifts – he’s become more and more indecisive over the years apart from generalities (yes, I do like liquor!) and it’s not as easy as it once was.


Countdown 3 days until I leave for Calgary for the weekend. Without kids. I’m considering it a great, great blessing to head off with a friend for a conference. Maybe I’ll catch up on my podcasts on the way there – who knows! Anything is possible – the Cubs won at that sportsball, I learned, and it’s +10C in November north of the 49th, so who knows!

Living it up here in Saskatoon.

Loving God through my family, friends, and interactions in my world.

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