We think Spence has more than one. And that they’re trying to let us know they’re still in his gums, but they’d rather be out. So goes the long journey of teething. Hopefully he’ll sleep well tonight. Unfortunately he did wake up last night at 2 :(. Oh well.

One thing that I’ve been finding challenging recently (ok, mostly since Spencer was born) has been finding time for developing my spiritual life. It’s taken awhile, and perhaps an assignment from a course I’m taking, but I’ve managed to actually take a step to prioritising this development. And I didn’t even hit rock bottom before acting! (I’m pretty impressed with that point). Andy prefers doing evening prayer from the Liturgy of the Hours. I do not. I have finally decided that I do enjoy Pray As You Go, a daily 10 minute (roughly) podcast that guides a reflection on one of the daily readings. So after supper we both enter into our prayer. I’m very proud of us for finding something that works! In addition to that, I make strong attempts to go to mass of Tuesday and Thursday (depending on Spencer, obviously). It’s great cause it takes a good, hard 20 minute walk to get there and a more leisurely 20 minute walk back, so I get exercise too!

The mom’s group that I am attending is reading a book together that provides reflection on our daily lives and how we’re nurturing ourselves. I’m so excited that so many opportunities arose once I made a decision to somehow figure out how to get back into my spiritual development. Has anyone else had this struggle? I just felt so…out of touch while I was idle. The difference it has made since having these opportunities has been amazing. I can’t help but think how other people also have this struggle. I mean, it’s all a part of the cycle of life, I believe. And yet part of that cycle is realising what’s going on and trying to come to terms with it – does it mean enough to me to make an effort to rediscover it?

So today’s picture is of Spencer’s cutie hair. I got to brush it after his bath. Then he took the brush away from me and ate it. But I got his hair cuted! The other picture is from when Katie was visiting.

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Loving God through my family, friends, and interactions in my world.

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