I have just done an amazing amount of reading that has made me proud enough to mention it, and has really prepped me good for the Half-Blood Prince when it comes out. I don’t know if anyone’s ever heard of the series by Tad Williams called Otherland, but it’s a four book series, and each book is just massive! I just finished reading a little under half of it today…all right, I won’t flatter myself that much, but I read a big chunk of it today. The final book I finished, called the Sea of Silver Light, has 922 pages in it. I feel more than prepped for Harry. In fact, I’ve determined I’m gonna read the sucker in under 12 hours! Forget food and bodily needs, baby, ain’t no one I know gonna beat me outta this one. It’s gonna be clocked from the moment that smooth, firey-looking cover is gripped into my clenched hands. So, anyone wanna challenge me on this one? :D. I’ll even take bets. Up to five cents.

And on a vent this reminds me of, know what’s really crappy about Prince George (well, one of the crappy things, my well-educated Prince Georgers)? There are possibly 4 bookstores in this city. A city of roughly 80,000, and I can count the bookstores on one hand. Shows how much reading is encouraged in this place. No wonder they call us hicks out here. And the largest bookstore here, the one in Pine Centre Mall, is just double the size of the apartment I lived in in St. Albert. Perhaps a bit larger. I cringe. This information hurts to face. Oh, why do I have to embarass myself more by announcing the faults of this place? Not only is that our biggest book shop, but the most Harry paraphanilia they have are a couple out-dated posters and a collection of the Harry books vaguely at the front. I checked. Hoping all was not lost, I sauntered to the tiny front desk and asked the frizzy-haired lady with anticipation if they were having any going-ons at midnight for the Book’s release. I was crushed – they are not having a Potter Party. In fact, as far as I could get from her, they’re not even excited about it. I feel so cheated.

Yes, that is the end of this blog. I welcome all your empathy (sounds like a song or something – All Your Empathy) in the form of emails or monetary donations.

Loving God through my family, friends, and interactions in my world.

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