Computers Are Dumb

Hey everyone!
So I just thought I’d let those who haven’t experienced a non-immune systemed computer that they’re not worth the experience. In fact, they’re so not worth it that their use at this point is to put a coffee mug on them and use them as a small, low table. The Fizzing Whizzbee was mind-manipulated and tried to committ suicide at least 4 times in the past couple of days. It’s now in surgery and the end result is still up in the air. Oh, the woes of being a computer-owner.

On another note, I am 43% stupid! It’s rather amusing how these surveys breed among friends.

The Stupid Quiz said I am "Kinda Smart, but Stupid!" How stupid are you? Click here to find out!

And only Darryl can boast about getting a good score on this one. Silly engineers and stuff. And yeah, for the record, if this was English and literature-based, I would have done much better. Yeah. That’s my excuse. Stupid maths and sciences stuffs that doesn’t interest me….kinda along the same lines as computers at the moment, actually…. 🙂

On another note, the St. Mary’s Craft Fair is this weekend, so all of youse in PG need to make a stop by the youth table and buy one of the centrepieces that we’ve spent so much time making these past couple weeks! Or at least some chocolate-covered pretzels. We will also have the Camp Morice calendars at our table as well, so purchase them now for good Christmas gifts!! Andrew and I have been working on these for the past couple weeks trying to get them all ready and set. Berta’s been making some good calls concerning information we need for them too. We’re actually just waiting to hear back from the bishop’s office about a support letter for the camp we’ve been asking about for awhile now. We’ve been informally informed that it’s not really on his priority list, which is rather frustrating as he’s known about it for a good couple, if not a few, months now, and almost everyday petitions this last week. Anyway…not that I’m bitter or anything…

BUY CAMP MORICE CALENDARS! They’re fabulously awesome with great photos of the camps! Even if you don’t live in Prince George or know anything about Camp Morice, calendars are great gifts and are sure to be appreciated! Especially since I, the beloved Jane Ethier, have worked so long and hard on them to present them to the world for your benefit and enjoyment! Yes, feel free to email me and tell me how many you wish to order along with what type of payment you will be using (cheque or money order, please) and your address in order to send them to you. The price is $15 each, a good, sturdy price for something so beloved as a Camp Morice calendar.

Oohhhhhh, darn it! I forgot about my coffee, and now it’s sitting there all cold and untasty. I’ll have to do something to fix that.

So that’s my update. I should have Hallowe’en pictures and a story or two from Hallowe’en within this week, once I get the pics. Hope all’s well with everyone else!

edit: I just received word from Berta that we have a letter from the bishop now, and I just thought I’d mention that after my bitterness.

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