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Spencer’s Adventure

Last week Spencer went on a huge adventure, all without his immediate family. He and my mum flew several kilometres away from our Autumn-Turning-Winter climate to the warm southern breezes of southern California for a journey that a 5-year-old *should* … Continue reading

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Hey all. Due to a burst of comment spam last night (150+ comments), all anonymous comments will need to be approved by us before they will appear on the site. Hopefully this will help limit the spam in the future.

Those of you with accounts won’t have this limitation. If you want an account, sign up and we’ll approve you (assuming you’re not just another spammer…)

I don’t think I accidentally deleted any legitimate comments, but if you said anything last night, um, it’s gone.

Anyway. That’s that.

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Well, after living in Southern California for a year and a half, then moving back to Edmonton and not feeling an inch of the ground rolling, apparently I was due for one. So, Andy, Darryl and I experienced an earthquake this morning. It didn’t last long where we were – maybe 5 seconds. It was centred in Chino Hills, which is north east from where we are in Anaheim. We were in California Adventure (the other Disney park) when it happened, just having finished a bathroom break. It started at 11:42am and lasted 15 seconds in Chino Hills. Continue reading

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Orange County’D!

Well, we’re nearly at our destination. By the time this update is loaded, we’ll be relaxing in an air conditioned, large, comfortable room at the Anabella hotel in Anaheim. Today we travelled from San Simeon State Park (which we do not recommend to anyone to stay at), which is about 1 1/2 hours north of San Luis Obispo. Currently we’re passing through Santa Barbara, where there is bumper to bumper traffic right now. Apparently Sunday is a busy day for driving. Continue reading

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