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We went on another adventure on Monday, spur of the moment! After working on our finances for a good couple of hours (blech!), we decided to go for a walk in the midst of downtown Ottawa – parliament! It was a nice day outside, -7 with the wind chill, clear blue skies, and mostly clear walkways! We didn’t do too much, just wandered around the buildings and statues, but we did take some pictures.
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Winterlude Pictures!

Well, I finally got around to uploading the pictures from the weekend. They’ll give you a quick idea of the place, and it was just around Confederation Park that we took most of the pictures. We basically forgot we brought the camera to the rest of the canal too. Ah well. We’re not sure what the state of Winterlude will be this weekend (it’s a 3 week celebration), as it’s currently raining, which will make the canal dangerous to be on. Most of the activities take place on the canal. Anyway. Here’s a few for you to enjoy!

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Weekend of FUN!

Hola hola!
So, this will be our first relaxed weekend here in Ottawa, and it so happens that the big winter festival, Winterlude, starts today as well! So we’re taking it upon ourselves to explore this festival and perhaps experience some of the tasty food that’s also being offered (beaver tails, anyone?).
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