Perpetual Gift List

This is a list of stuff we want. We figured it was easier than trying to remember what all we’ve been wanting ourselves. And this is primarily for family for when we get close to Christmas and stuff. We’ll keep it updated for you guys.

If you send us a gift, please include a gift receipt in case the gift breaks or the size is not right. We’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks so much.

*updated January 2019*

All the kids love:

Pokemon, stickers are fab

Holy Heroes items (we have Saint Imelda/Juan Diego CD)

Cat.Chat (we currently are looking for: Amazing Angels and Super Saints CD, Rise Up CD, Saints in Training DVDs episodes 3-8)

Magazine Subscriptions. Spencer has National Geographic Kids and Cassia has Owl already.

Art supplies – paints (preferably from Michaels [they tend to last longer and colour better]), small canvases, paint drop sheet

Single sized bed sheets.

Stuff Spencer wants:

  • clothes in size 14-16 (especially jogging pants)
  • Trip to the Fun Factory
  • Anything related to Plants vs. Zombies
  • Minecraft anythings

Stuff Cassia wants:

  • dress up costumes, size 8
  • Clothes size 7-8
  • Disney & princesses & fairies

Stuff Felicity wants:

  • clothes size 6-7
  • Paw patrol anything
  • Disney princess anything
  • Stickers (she has a great love for these things)

Stuff we both want:

  • money for a babysitter
  • New mattress for our bed

Stuff Jane wants:

Stuff Andy wants:

  • Book: Thing Explainer
  • Tool: Gator Grip
  • Toy: Mirascope (that’s just an example)
  • wine or beer, or wine or beer kits or supplies
  • chocolate
  • scotch, bourbon, etc.
  • coffee (Starbucks, Broadway Roastery, etc.)