Uhhh, hello? Is this thing still on?

*Blows onto the keyboard, a cloud of dust billowing in front of the screen*


It’s been a quiet year. On el-bloggo.

I’m not shocked at my lack of blogging; there have been several stresses this year that have prevented me from using le blog to its natural reach, but, it’s also felt like it’s been too long.

We had an excursion. A tropical excursion.

Hard to go wrong with ice cream on a hot day.

Constantly building sand forts and looooving it.

Riding the waves in on a floatie…for hours…

It’s name is Hawai’i

We visited the Polynesian Cultural Centre, which I found absolutely fabulous. They had a lime tree growing (with tons and tons of limes on it!) and that made the whole trip worth it. We watched a comedy routine in the area dedicated to Samoa. Also, a guy climbed a coconut tree. Watched a presentation about Aotearoa which was super amazing. For a glimpse of what we saw, check out their video.

The contention with that trip was that we took The Bus (actual name of transit system) and it was completely across the island, which amounted to about two hours of bus time each way. The kids were less than impressed. Perhaps even worse was that the bus that was supposed to come at 3:50pm did not show, and the buses only run every 40 minutes, so the kids already had their fill of boring time.

But anyway. 

We went to the Dole pineapple plantation, and that was a fun excursion. They have three activities you can do: train ride around some crops, a maze, and stroll the gardens (all, of course, costing you money). I opted out of the maze in favour of the gardens (the kids foolishly took the opposite choice, or maybe that was Andy who did…) and they both were amazing. I loved the gardens like crazy. So many beautiful flowers! Lots of luscious fruit! 

The hotel we were at was just up the road from St. Augustine-By-the-Sea. The church had a hedge growing along the side of it with these pretty little white flowers on it. I plucked one and discovered that they’re jasmine flowers! One of my most favourite scents! So I immediately shared them with the person closest, which happened to be the youngest child.

Hanauma Bay. Didn’t get to snorkel, but, it is awesome to behold.

Palm trees in the sun

We had a lovely time.

Lower Mainland

Finished off our vacation with a family reunion in Vancouver.

First Scottish drink from a Scottish chalice with the clan stamp in the bottom. Epic.

Larger than Life Jenga

Felicity told me just tonight she now has a “very best friend”…

I have thoughts thinking in my brain, but it is a long post. Perhaps on the next one I can get to some of them.

What does your vacation look like this summer?

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