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This year I have taken on the most I’ve had responsibility for in a long time. We have been having fun! Perhaps at the expense of some sanity, but we’re working it out. Two major events have happened in the last month! Let’s get right to them-

Birthday, birthday, birthday!

This wonderful daughter of mine turned 5 at the beginning of October, and I haven’t had a chance to post much about it. She chose a chocolate cake with pink icing (I love her low expectations – it is absolutely wonderful to feel that I can actually give her what she wants!) And she requested perogies and sausage for her birthday supper. More than happy to oblige!

I did a video interview with her, but it’s taken a looooong time to get around to editing it. Thankfully, it’s done now 🙂

She had a fabulous birthday (we also went to go see the My Little Pony movie in theatre), and she’s just so excited (still!) to be 5 years old. She was my first natural birth and is such a joyful, bouncy person. I’ve collected many famous saying from her. A few examples:

Cassia, showing me something: “I can just do dat. Because…for reasons.”

Cassia, while watching the Canadian gymnasts at the Olympics: “Whoa, Mommy!! Did she just do (pause) something…else?!!”

Cassia: “I went into fridge and I got out the naaabog!”
Me: “What? Nail bog?”
C: “No! Naaabog!”
Me: ..
C: “Naaabog!”
Me: “You mean eggnog?”
C: “YES!”

Cassia: “Mousey says ‘squeak squeak!’ Pig says ‘oink oink!’ Pooh Bear says ‘HONEY HONEY HONEY HONEY!'”

I love this independent girl so much.

Perhaps my favourite video of her is this one, though:

Over-The-Hill Birthday

And Andy turned a whopping 40 last week, so we’ve been inundated with cakes and presents over the past month.

He’s much much older now…is there a 39-and-holding group? He might be interested.  And just as he was complaining about not having any Scotch, he was bombarded.

So he’s just soaking it all in (or drinking it all up). There’s enough to last until Easter. I hope. 🙂

We kept the birthdays quiet and simple – Andy’s never been fond of large groups of people. He requested a chocolate cake (of any type) and a pizza supper. We just had prime rib the night before, so I made us a prime rib/ham/turkey pizza (split into thirds). It was pretty tasty.

So we’re done with our family birthdays for the rest of the year now. We can sit back and worry about where we’re going for Christmas.

In related news, we’re selling our awesome Poniac Vibe. 

If you are interested, please contact me! I’ll post the kijiji ad when I’ve smoothed out a glitch. We just heard someone who’s a courier say that they love Vibes/Matrixes because they’re so reliable – he rode his (in the job) for 1.2 million kilometres. Yeah. Built to last, these babies.

Loving God through my family, friends, and interactions in my world.

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