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A Canadian in the Rough

Is better than an American in their system.

Or at least that’s my stance on this. And I would have said this either way that the election had turned out.

And while I feel that we are doing moderately better in Canada, I am not so smug to believe that our country doesn’t have it’s own problems.

You scoff at the racism rampant in the States? It is well alive here too – against indigenous peoples. Every government that Canada has elected has backed out of promises to first nations peoples.

Scoff at the sexism? Also alive and well in Canada. Not so different. Maybe not so obvious since Trump came into the spotlight, but still just as fervent.

But we do have medical care. I believe that providing the basic necessities for every person is extremely valuable to respecting the dignity of every person.

We do have poutine, which I don’t think I could so easily give up if I had to. OK, pretty much any Canadian cuisine is gonna keep me here, I’ll be honest. Oh, and lumberjacks are pretty wicked too.

I am sad that the democratic process in the States couldn’t have produced better candidates. I would have been cheering Bernie Sanders on from the sidelines in another country.

Andy can tell anyone that I was chanting to myself last night as I was trying to go to sleep, ‘Not my circus, not my monkeys.’

It’s just awkward when someone else’s circus monkeys interfere with other circuses and their governing bodies. This unfortunately will not be limited to the States.

And while Canada is not scott-free in the values department (oh, and we can legally help kill our elderly now too, don’t you know), I feel supremely thankful that I live in┬áCanada. At least right now. If they ever take my poutine away, I may have to reconsider.



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