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Why Must I Suffer? or The 2015 Election

Welp, it’s nearly the federal election and I’m totally put off of most of the parties vying for Prime Minister’s office – you?

Warning: This post contains political opinions. You are free to disagree, but comments are still mine to call the shots on.

There’s the lying, the cheating, the bribing. It’s all just lovely to see and know that these “mature” humans are wanting to run the country (though not necessarily serve the people of the country, just run it).

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Am I cynical? Perhaps a little. Here’s my problems:

Conservatives: I hold some conservative values, to which I have no problem saying. There is no way though, in any good conscience, that I can let my vote support the formation of another Conservative government. Remember, people, that if you’re having issues trying to vote this year, that this is the one party who has been convicted of misleading people to the ballots. They have also tried to bribe Canadian families by changing the laws to “give more money to them” but withholding that money until the election campaign has just about started so that you get the money right before they tell you how special they are because of that.

It does turn out that in our family, even though they’ve cut other tax benefits for families, we will end up getting a little more than we did before. I appreciate that. I don’t appreciate the bribing.

Don’t forget, they’re also refusing entrance to thousands of people we could be helping in the Syrian refugee crisis for no apparently good reasons. I’m not saying they don’t have reasons. But I am saying they are “no good”. And as a Christian, there isn’t a leg to stand on to not welcome the foreigner.

Oh, and they shut down how many veteran offices? And then told us that they’ve saved Canada billions this year? What other funding did they cut? Oh, wait. There’s too much to really mention.

And what about the murdered and missing Aboriginal women? Why has there been no progression on this? Oh, it’s because they don’t want to bother themselves (3/4 the way down the transcript of the interview, Mr Harper acknowledges that looking into this is not really high on his radar). These women aren’t his mother, or sister, or daughter. Some Conservative MPs have more or less shared complete indifference.

And this government is all for proroguing parliament for whenever it feels like something’s not going their way (*cough*torturous treatment of Afghan detainees*cough*). Proroguing has happened not once, but twice. Mr. Harper even became the first PM to be in Contempt of Parliament. First time in history. Yet he was voted to run our country again (and I can say with a clear conscience it wasn’t me).

But here’s Rick Mercer’s rant about their election campaign. He’s usually worth the 1.5 minutes of listening to.

Liberals: In case anyone thinks they’re free of sin, just know this: As true as it is that there is an “Anything But Conservative” movement before this election, the previous party (Liberals) were voted out by a “Anything But Liberal” movement. Their past major scandal was the Sponsorship Scandal (nicknamed “Sponsorgate”), which pretty much crippled their party and any honour with them.

At this point, though, if Justin Trudeau hadn’t pushed his pro-abortion agenda vehemently onto his whole party, I might actually have given this party a chance. But he did. And he seems to think it’ll be a part of what wins him the election. I can’t in good conscience vote for the Liberals, especially since they’ve been told they’re not allowed to represent their constituents if their constituents have any value for human life at all stages.

And the universal childcare fund – completely does my family absolutely no help whatsoever. This is a stroke against them for sure. I’d be willing to support it if they weren’t poised to refute my family receiving monthly funding to support this, but it’s “either/or” not “both/and”.

New Democratic Party: How I wish Jack Layton were still leading them. I am still saddened by his death and the heartfelt letter he wrote to Canadians captures some essential elements he portrayed and helped his party to become the official opposition.

Social justice. The NDP are, overall, for social justice. As a Catholic, this means a lot to me and is most definitely high on my list of things to support and get behind. They are for universal health care, which comes with problems, but also provides a lot for the less fortunate who don’t have a voice. They are promising an inquiry into the missing and murdered Aboriginal women and because of their strong stance in social justice, they stand a chance at making this happen.

They are against Bill C-51, or the “Let’s allow the government to spy on all Canadians” bill, which is a very solid step in the right direction, but also not quite enough what with all the secrecy with the Trans Pacific Partnership stuff coming to light through leaks.

Con: they are pro-abortion. While they’re not making it a big issue like the Liberals have, I don’t like it. They haven’t told their MPs they have to support abortion or be kicked out though (as far as I’m aware).

Green: I like the Green party. My experience is that they support the most initiatives that align with my faith. They support small businesses, like the NDP do, they support local food source initiatives, they look at the future of Canada and say, ‘Hey, what are we doing that will leave a good country for our children to live in? Are we doing it? If not, let’s get on that.’ This party leaves me the most hopeful for Canada’s future.

Con: they are also pro-abortion. But they are not pushy with it. It doesn’t absolve them of it, but it makes them not any worse than the NDP.

This is our election. These are our options.

The Canadian Bishops provided a great document for helping us assess party platforms in accordance with our faith. These include, but are not limited to:

Respecting and defending life and human dignity, from conception to natural death. This means that we need to look at ways to repeal and stand against the assisted-suicide bill that has recently been passed with our MPs. This means questioning and providing scientific evidence regarding human life’s beginnings and the rights of girls and boys in womb.  Women’s rights should include the women who are being developed still in utero and defend the defenseless.

Building a just society through defending the right to freedom of conscience and freedom of religion (hello niqab diversion tactic by the Tories <- another Rick Mercer clip); it’s about reducing poverty; standing with our Aboriginal brothers and sisters; ensuring all Canadians have access to clean drinking water.

Promoting the integrity of the person and the family through such things as pay equity; timely access to medical necessities for everyone; welcoming the foreigner; fighting human trafficking and helping those struggling with addictions or other health issues.

Global initiatives should include acting towards peace first, helping those in developing countries reduce poverty and hunger, increase health and education. Standing against abuses in human rights by Canadian countries, both to foreign temporary workers and also in foreign countries. This goes for environmental rights abuses as well. And also committing to reducing our carbon footprint and finding ways to respect this amazing land we have been gifted with while also providing for our needs.


Does one party answer in favour of these? No. Some seem to be doing better than others this time around, though. And hopefully this election will bring about change, which is the biggest thing that is needed. I don’t know what it’ll change to, but I hope it’s for the better. And change will only happen if I go out and vote, which is exactly what I’m planning on doing Monday. I may not agree with your vote, but we have a gift in being able to choose and we’d be fools not to accept it.

Good luck and may God help us in the aftermath.

By the way, if you couldn’t tell, I won’t be voting Conservative or Liberal. I have yet to make up my mind on the others. There is no clear winner.

Loving God through my family, friends, and interactions in my world.

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