Happiness is… (vol 9)

2015-05-25 happinessThe joy of watching a child find endless amusement and fun in perfecting her circle-making skills. She’s been at this for about a week – just grabbing the stool, picking out a dry-erase marker, then drawing circles and circles and circles. She loves it. And I love it too, because unless that marker runs out of ink (which has been happening), she is one contented little girl.

Sometimes she makes other shapes, but mostly it is every type of circle she can conceive. And it’s beautiful. I love watching her express her artistic self this way. And she can do it all by herself without any help from me, which I think makes it even more lovely – both the independence for her and the freedom for me.

What’s your happiness today?

Loving God through my family, friends, and interactions in my world.

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