Happiness is… (vol 18)

2015.06.26 happinessFinally braving it and mowing the jungle down. We may have been a little lax in mowing the backyard on one side.

But the 5-foot grass doesn’t say that at all in the picture, does it? No, we hid it well. But today I got over my fears of it and conquered. You can’t even tell that there was a hosta in that grass, could you? Well, surprise! I knew it was there, but had forgotten. And the dead grass in the after picture is where the play structure had been.

We joked that we could get into the grass-seed selling business (like, legit, peeps). And you might notice by the bird feeder that there is still some grass there. I couldn’t mow that stuff, it just collapsed over. We’ll have to pull it out or weed-wack it.

Well, Andy? What do you think? I didn’t even make you do the job over the weekend. I think I need a prize.

Goodness, my allergies sure kicked in while mowing. After putting everything away and coming inside, my eyes were super itchy and I couldn’t stop sneezing. The best way for me to deal with it is a shower to get all the pollen and dirt off, but we had a maintenance person scheduled to arrive sometime between 10am-3pm for our washer (it broke earlier this week! you should see our laundry piles!), and it was 10 minutes to 10am. So I took the chance that we weren’t first on the list of repairs for the day and went ahead with the shower. And so, right as I was coming out of the shower I hear Spencer yelling something down the stairs, which I took to mean that the repair person was here. Just my luck. At any rate, it worked out and we now have a working washer again! The angels are singing and God is being praised! And I didn’t have to suffer through 40 minutes of repair work sneezing the whole time and rubbing my eyes sore.

Loving God through my family, friends, and interactions in my world.

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