Happiness is… (vol 15)

2015-06-09 happiness…finding parsley sprouting all over the place in the backyard.

A couple months ago I started germinating many, many seeds. I’ve never had luck with parsley. I know it’s an extra-long germination period, but I waited the prescribed amount and there was nothing to show for it. Last year, I just threw the seed out in the garbage. This year, I was outside planting all the other seeds that had sprouted and I didn’t want to trek dirt into the house just to throw them out. So I threw them over the side of the deck instead.

It turns out that those seeds really were growing and likely just needed the right situation to burst forth. Apparently, my throwing them off the side of the deck was exactly what they needed. I believe that, to this day, I’ve found 5-7 parsley plants growing in the grass throughout the backyard. Beautiful, delightful parsley. An unexpected joy. Unfortunately I’ll be mowing over most of them regularly, but a couple fell between the hostas and are nestled happily there. Maybe we’ll even be able to harvest some of their leaves if they get big enough. Next year I’ll know better.

What’s your happiness today?

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  1. hawaii52 says:

    Me and rosemary are the same way perhaps I’ll try your way, nothing to lose!

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