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Happiness is… (vol 10)

2015.05.29 happinessWalking away from a really bad fall and not needing emergency attention.

Yesterday we went for a walk to a Crescent that was having garage sales. I didn’t strap Cassia into the stroller because we weren’t going far between houses. Turns out this was a disaster. She somehow fell off the front seat of the double stroller and the stroller started rolling over her before I heard the huge ‘THUNK’, which was her head hitting the sidewalk.

I was worried when I saw the indent on her forehead. But she was conscious and complaining, which was a good sign. She was more concerned about her nose, which granted, also had a really bad scrape (and was bleeding lightly) as it looks like it was dragged across the sidewalk. This picture doesn’t actually do much justice to how bad it really looked.

HOWEVER, we are still good today – she’s mostly forgotten about her ouchies and only when they get bumped she seems to notice them. So, she’s a survivor of her own clumsiness. I still have no idea (NO IDEA!) how she could have fallen off the front of the stroller like that. She’s ingenious, this one.

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