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Well here we are, 7 days into our new life with little Felicity. My mom is finally getting over a nasty cold she has had for a week and a half, and the kids, Andy and I are now all showing signs of bringing on the sniffles and exhaustion ourselves. Here’s hoping we can ward most of it away with tea tree and thyme essential oils and sleep *crossing fingers*.

We’ve been blessed with lovely weather since she’s been born, which is such a joy. We have been trying to spend a great deal of time out of doors because of this, which has mostly worked out well.

IMG_3078First laundry out-of-doors for the season 🙂
IMG_3079Felicity joining in on my laundry party.

Andy’s on a mission to rid our yard of dandelions. He spent our outdoor time on Saturday using a hand tool for pulling out weeds. By the end of the the day when the blisters formed, he had already picked out a weeder you can do from standing without the use of hand-force from CanTire. We picked it up today. It’s not as efficient in only getting the weeds (it pulls up a decent amount of grass as well), but it doesn’t strain his back or hands. And we’re calling it another form of aeration for the lawn. I suppose it might be smart for us to sprinkle some grass seed over the lawn without the dandelions taking up so much space, but we’ll see. That nearly sounds like it could be complicated.


In the meantime, the kids play around us. Cassia is obsessed with playing with any puddle she can manage to get herself into. Yesterday wasn’t as warm a day as others, so she nearly froze when she approached Andy, shivering. A hot bath (thanks to my mum) helped cure her of the colds.

IMG_3081I bought a couple tomato plants at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday and have planted them in the front garden. Last year I had tomatoes in pots; this year I’m just planting them in the ground where the pots had been last year. I’m hoping it’ll work out. I planted a bunch of seeds indoors about 5-6 weeks ago (3 flats full) and know what I got for my effort this year? One measly tomato plant. What the carps?! I don’t understand why this year was different than every other year when I’ve rued having to thin out my seedlings cause there have been so many. All I can do is shake my fist and try again. It means I may not get a good harvest, but I’m gonna try anyway. And I bought some marigolds last week that I finally got around to planting as well. They make me happy.

IMG_3083Next weekend my mum leaves and Andy’s 2 weeks off begin. It’s going to be a transition, but hopefully we’ll survive this one too.

Happy Monday!

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