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Answer Me This31. When’s the last time you got a new bathing suit?

Either when I was pregnant with Spencer or Cassia. I can’t remember which. It was near the end of the pregnancy, at any rate, and I bought it because I was starting to snap the elastic fibers in my regular swimsuit. Oops. Oh well. It’s a sweet two piece halter that has an empire ‘flair’ to it – after the ’empire’ waist the rest of the material kind of loosely flows down and is long enough to cover a stretching belly or just a post-partum belly. I like it a lot, though I haven’t had an occasion to wear it for awhile.

IMG_5096Cassia makes some interesting choices, though.

2. Who made the last incoming call on your phone?

That would be Fr. Colin calling Andy about church-stuff. Something RCIA-related, I believe. But truly, nobody really calls us except the telemarketers. That was a strange and not common exception.

3. If you receive communion, do you receive it on the hands or the tongue?

Definitely the hands. For me, it helps signify that Christ became human, in all our messiness. I am sanctified because of his sacrifice. My hands are sanctified. I am accepted as I am into the salvific love of the trinity. I’ve experienced a lot of hurtful conservative theological thinking in the past that has also contributed to this decision. I’ve seen all too often people of the opinion that we are not being respectful of Christ’s presence if we receive holy Eucharist on the hands, and other such nonsense (we aren’t Manichean here, folks). The way I see it, which I know to be in line with our faith’s teaching, is that there is no right or wrong on this one. It’s all about preference. For me, it affirms that Christ is human too and that my human form is made holy through his. It affirms that my hands are Christ’s hands here on earth, just like my feet are also his feet here. This choice affirms who I am in in relation to Christ and our Father. And I like it. So it works.

4. Do you have a tattoo?

Nopers. Never plan on getting one.

5. How many dinner plates are in your house?

We have seven. We used to have eight, but then that crazy thing happened way back when and *poof* we’re down to seven. I blame it on Andy. And mostly, I can’t remember what happened.

6. Do you have an accent? Canadian_Flag

Well, no. Does anyone ever think they have an accent, though? You can bet that I definitely don’t speak Newfie. I was made fun of in California for some of my Canadian-isms (‘eh?). Yes. Yes it’s true. We do say that one. And a few others. I find it an endearing characteristic, though. I might be biased on that.

And some cute pictures just because:

IMG_5268 IMG_5267Uncle Darryl and Chloe came to visit after the baptism.
IMG_5309This is often what she does when she’s awake during the day. IMG_5284But she’s growing!
IMG_5320You have no idea how completely this captures Cassia…
IMG_5326Cute sisters pose. I find this picture incredibly sweet. And they’re wearing the dresses I made them this week.

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