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Linking up with Kendra from Catholic All Year.

1. Are you becoming your mother?

Definitely in some ways. Maybe in conflicted ways. I hate a messy house, yet ours is perpetually messy. I blame the hate of the mess on my mom, and the perpetually messiness on myself. I’m sure my aunts would be able to identify more characteristics too. I also don’t like hanging onto things, like my mom. If it doesn’t have a use/practical purpose, or if it’s not to make the place beautiful, usually I’m the one to get rid of it (though she thinks I’m a pack rat in comparison). And I’m impulsive and spontaneous (in comparison to Andy, who, if you know, is anti-impulsive/spontaneous). Well, I like to think Andy’s toned me down a bit (in a good way), but I get those from my mom.

 2. Coffee or tea?



I grew up on tea. In high school when kids would come over to hang at my place, instinctively I would be making a big pot of tea for everyone. Looking back on that, I think it may have been a little weird. No one else I knew did that. But it was English hospitality and apparently that’s just what I did. Andy was the first person to ever get me to drink coffee enough to start to enjoy it. And now I enjoy it, just not during pregnancies. Apparently pregnancies are tea times.  I’m okay with that.


3. What foreign country would you like to visit?

I’d like to spend copious amounts of time in France touring the countryside. Maybe even on bike.  And definitely drinking wine. And eating cheese. I’ve been to France twice, I’ll admit, but I can’t get enough of it.


4. Do you cry easily?

I didn’t before having kids, but now I do. Especially when I’m pregnant, but even when I’m not. I thought this whole ‘cry-at-every-commercial’ thing would go away after each of the pregnancies, but it turns out it didn’t.  So now I just feel perpetually like a sop. Oh well. At least the kids are worth it 🙂

5. How often do you wear heels?

Not often; usually only on very special occasions. I love the look of heels, I find them enticing. But I just can’t handle straining my feet and calf muscles like that anymore. Usually it’s sandals or flats.

6. Do you play an instrument?

No. I’ve attempted piano and guitar but have basically failed. Oh! But I do play my voice. Perhaps not well, but I was trained for about 4 years and can generally do okay. But that’s about it.

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  • Ann-Marie

    I LOVE that Mr. T pot. Hilarious. We love to watch the Tour de France – the scenery is amazing. And they will often zoom in on the chateaus and give a little history about them – so beautiful.

  • jane

    I’ve never watched le Tour de France. Sounds like it would have some interesting info on the countryside. Sounds rather neat.
    And I came across the pot while looking up photos for tea. I just couldn’t resist. I think if I saw one in a store I’d buy it, cause it’s exceptionally funny 🙂

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