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I’ve always been intimidated by Ginny Sheller’s Yarn Along; I don’t have a great excuse. I love knitting, I’m just not great at it. For Christmas Andy bought me a beginner’s knitting book that I had on my list, and his sister bought me her go-to knitting book. So since Christmas, I’ve been knitting as much as I can and loving every minute of it. I may have used the majority of my Christmas money on knitting items so that I could complete some projects in the book. For instance, I finished a toque, which I gave to Andy. Since its stitch was simple, I decided to try out a new stitch in it. This resulted in the finish of the hat not matching the rest of it. Oh well. It was only a few rows at the very top of the toque.

Now I’m working on some fingerless mitts for Kate (she’s wanted them for over a year now and hasn’t bought them, and it’s one of my ‘easy’ projects, so I am attempting), and a tweed-stitch wool skirt for Cassia. I haven’t a pattern for Cassia’s skirt…it’s some leftover wool from another project I knitted last year (leggings for me), and I think it’ll be super cute paired with some leotards she has that don’t really go with anything. After I finish Kate’s mitts, I’ll be attempting a sweater for Spencer. I bought the yarn for it and he has become extremely excited for this sweater. He is asking for it constantly. His enthusiasm is encouraging for me. I hope I make it so that it fits.

The yarn for the mitts is Sirdar Country Style, Double Knitting from Prairie Lily Knitting & Needlework Shop; the wool for Cassia’s skirt is Briggs Little Regal in Fundy Fog colour (I can’t remember where I bought it).

In other news, Spencer helped me make bread yesterday.

IMG_0940IMG_0943 IMG_0944It’s an Oatmeal bread, recipe from Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day, which has been a great inspiration to me for making bread over the past year or so. I really like this recipe. We might stick with it for awhile.

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4 Responses to Yarn Along

  1. karen says:

    your knitting looks pretty good to me! love the neutral cream colored yarn the most, it matches my shawl that is currently on the needles 🙂

  2. Sezza says:

    Gosh don’t be intimidated by the yarnalong, your knitting looks gorgeous! I have that bread book, I really must get back into the habit of making it….

  3. hawaii52 says:

    The bread book sounds very interesting and no machine or kneeding needed is the best part!

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