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I continue to plug along with the scarf; we were waylaid with sicknesses at first, and then I had a shiny new sewing machine that itched to have something made with it. And I don’t know if it’s something about the season, but my kids feel like they’re taking more energy from me right now and I hardly have time to sit at look at my toes for a moment before something happens.

I have been sifting through this book with longing eyes, especially for this one:

IMG_1339Alas, I don’t think I quite have the skill yet for this book. I’ll have to stick with my beginner’s books for awhile longer. But I can dream.

Cassia has been going through some type of growth spurt; I’ve noticed her suckling has changed and she’s taking in a lot more air than she previously has. My guess is that her palate is growing and she’s still getting used to it. That or she’s sick in some other manner or form and we’ll be in for another week of sickness soon.

Spencer has seemingly just recently outgrown a major P.I.T.A (pain-in-the-ass) stage. I dearly love the boy, there is no doubt about that. But I will not deny that growing has it’s pains, and he’s not only the one who endures them. I am growing with him too. I have noticed that these P.I.T.As last only about 2 weeks. So far. Usually when I’m really and truly at my breaking point, he changes literally overnight. God bless his thoughtfulness. And the Spirit’s timing. Since they seem to be relatively regular things in life, I feel like I’m being called to evaluate how I handle them each and every time. As in, I need to focus on one aspect that last time wasn’t so compassionate. Or as patient. Or whatever God is calling me to work on. I’ll have to keep that in mind the next time a P.I.T.A jumps out from behind a corner.

So, it snowed. It feels like it snowed a foot, but it was probably closer to about 3-5 inches. Therefore I had a complete breakdown in the car yesterday on the way to my mom’s group. I was doing our grocery run (and I was also helping bring snacks for the group that day. I’m so last minute) with the kids. Now, I have been unhappy with our car over the past year. One of the ‘smaller’ things that’s irritated me has been that we need new tires. We had been saving to purchase winter tires for this car this winter, and then the car basically exploded with repairs. Ergo, the money is now heading towards a new vehicle. I didn’t realise how bad the tires actually were. I found out yesterday morning while I spent about 30 minutes spinning, going forwards, backwards, sliding, and hardly moving an inch with these mostly-bald tires. Even with Tire Traction Aids, I soon learned that when the car has front wheel drive and those tires are basically bald, it doesn’t matter if you get out of one snowy/slushy place if there is no snowy/slushy-free place to head to.

Spencer will tell you that I hate our car. He may even share some of the not-so-nice words I cried out as I tried to prevent a mental breakdown. But he understands that I was very mad at the car, not him. I am thankful for that. He even shared in being mad at it for me (he called it stupid). A young staff member eventually came out and helped rescue me from the trenches of their parking lot. He basically pushed me all the way to the road (and I still got stuck a few times with his help). I don’t know if words can truly express my gratitude for the help he provided, but I was and still am extremely grateful for it. Otherwise I would have been calling CAA for our third (and last paid for) tow in a year.

Needless to say, I’m ready to be rid of this car. We have to go test drive a Pontiac Vibe first before we make a final decision between going for the Vibe or a Rav4. I’m hoping we can do that within the next week. We’ll also be spiffing up the car; it needs a really good wash and clean both inside and out. I think our best bet will be to trade it in for credit towards a new vehicle. Please pray for us that we can easily make this happen.

And that, my friends, is my update. I am hoping (and praying) for more time for my scarf this week. Now to leave you with some photos that Spencer took:


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