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Cutest. Picture. Ever.

IMG_2543Yes, her onesie does say ‘sweet cheeks’

Spencer has taken to hiding out in this cupboard. He calls it his ‘California Bus’. I don’t think he rightly knows what (or where) California is. However, it is definitely his bus, and does he ever go places. Cassia likes to try to join him. Mostly he protests. Needless to say, this area of the kitchen is hardly ever clean anymore. IMG_2541


The gate is nearly done. Praise our sweet Lord, the gate is nearly done. (Seriously, Jesus, I’m high-five-ing you on motivating my dear husband to do it).

Stage 1: attaching (it was even level!!)


Stage 2: putting on the lattice & boards

IMG_2549 IMG_2551

Stage 3: putting in the window

IMG_2552Cassia’s trying to do a fly-by.

The gate isn’t completed, but it’s nearly there. Hopefully this weekend will see it done.


Speaking of nearly finished projects, Andy and I put up the desk in the kids’ craft area (YAY!). After fretting that we lost a few *ahem* important screws that we couldn’t finish the project without, we found them – basically in my hand. While it was a complete waste of time, I learned that I truly am not a good handy-person. I’m lucky I can recognise a hammer at this rate.

IMG_2554Did you know that MEC sells wine skins that are meant for things like biking and hiking and camping? Guess what’s lying in the middle of the floor…
IMG_2555Close-up of our Ikea find. I had been planning on building something similar, but given that I’m not too handy, we opted for this $40 ‘table’ from Ikea. The top folds down for space-saving.


Syria. What an assortment of emotions that run through me when I think of this situation. I’m horrified at the deaths we witnessed just over a week ago. I’m not one to condone violence and feel ill-at-ease with talks of striking at the Syrian government by our southern neighbours. I feel so ill-equipped to even think of this situation that the only positive response I can even hope to give is to pray. Pope Francis has asked the Church and all people of goodwill to fast and pray (or participate in whatever way seems suitable) for Syria on Saturday. Andy and I will be doing just that; it’s the least – and the most – that we can currently do. Pray, pray, pray that more people are not killed in that country that is mourning in so many different ways.


rad2  I am currently almost a week away from running my first (and likely only) 5km run! The Colour Me Rad 5km Run is happening on the 15th, and apparently I’m still gonna do this thing. As I was explaining to a friend of mine, my sole motivation for doing this is to be pelted with paint. Lots of it. There is nothing else. If I don’t get pelted with paint, I will be angry. It’s not health. It’s not muscle-building. It’s not anything noble. Paint. I. Want. Paint. Then maybe a bag of chips.

I am totally gonna be this guy. Running through thinking, ‘I hope I don’t get purple on my teeth.”
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Did anyone read the commentary on Thomas the Tank Engine on Patheos by Calah Alexander? She may have over-pointed her points (which was funny to read), but the whole theme of Thomas and his friends only having worth if they were ‘useful’ is the underlying reason why I hate Thomas and won’t let Spencer watch it anymore (that and the intro song drove me crazy). Does anyone know – were the plots always like this? I recall watching Shining Time Station when I was younger (when Ringo Starr was the conductor?) and thinking the show was fine (I was also little and likely thought boogers were food still, though). At any rate, I’m glad we’re not the only ones who found the whole ‘useful’ theme to be a little unnerving.


I can’t think of anything else, so head over to Jen’s place for more Quick Takes!

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  • Erika @ stethoscopes, style, & grace

    So I linked up next to you and then saw your pic from Color Me Rad 🙂 I ran it last weekend and LOVED it!! It was my first running 5K and it was NOT bad at all. The music and color is so fun that you don’t even realize you just ran 3.1 miles when you finish. You can check out my pics from the run last week on my blog post today if you’re interested!

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