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7 Quick Takes Friday


Happy Feast of the Chair of St. Peter! I felt that this feast is especially significant, given that our current pope, Benedict XVI, will be resigning in just 6 days. Therefore, we will eat pizza (homemade, of course) and drink wine!


Speaking of said forthcoming papal election, if you ever wanted to know how it works, I highly suggest watching this really cool interactive graphic to learn more about exactly what happens during the process.


IMG_1249This is how we celebrated the Lord’s day on Sunday: we watched a movie! (we’ve given TV up for Lent). While watching said movie, I also ventured into making kanzashi, which are Japanese fabric flowers. I totally love the look of them (not mine yet, of course – they actually take some getting used to apparently) and am looking forward to using them to make headbands for Cassia! And maybe me.


This is what we get for not checking on Spencer at bedtime and he’s actually quiet: IMG_1256

He sure showed us, didn’t he?


Here’s our baby girl joyfully bouncing in her jolly jumper: IMG_1281 IMG_1277 IMG_1272 IMG_1264

There are a few pictures where it’s crazy how similar both she and Spencer looked at this age. Different, but strikingly similar.


I get to experience a couple Spencer-free hours today! Andy has today off (he’s working Sundays for the next while) so he’s taking Spencer to his doctor’s appointment. Hurray! Maybe I can sew something. Or finishing knitting something. Or clean up the den so that I can work on projects. Or prowl pinterest for ideas on what to do with the area under my sewing shelves.


I’m hoping to possibly attend my first auction ever. The community centre near us has estate auctions about every 2-3 months. I’ve heard estate auctions can provide crazy deals, so I’ve always been interested. Saturday has a viewing time, and Sunday is the auction. I doubt I’ll put a bid on anything, but I’m very curious to see how it all works. I’ll let you know if it seems like an interesting thing to invest time into.

Loving God through my family, friends, and interactions in my world.

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