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We continue to be enjoying wonderfully mild weather for the season. Today is Family Day, so we have opted to have a lazy morning (breakfast wasn’t until about 9:30 for anyone) and then a little family room clean up. After Spencer’s nap this afternoon we’ll be going for a nice long walk, though I’m not sure where yet. Today has been nice and relaxing.

So far the pregnancy seems to be moving along it’s slow, methodical course. My doctor gave me a prescription for Diclectin which has definitely helped me to maintain my energy again with food. This time around though, red peppers are a bad combination with my nose (and therefore my tummy). It’s quite a shame, as I do like red peppers. The smell drives me out of the kitchen right now as it is though. I’m sure Andy could give you a short list of other scents that are driving me mad currently too.

And goodness knows that Lent starts this week! Where did my planning time go? Ah, yes, it went to all those naps I’ve been needing to take. Well, it might not be the most prepared Lent we’ve had to date, but we’ll pursue through it. Does anyone have any good Lenten activities that would work with a lively 2 year old?

Loving God through my family, friends, and interactions in my world.

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