Nothing like more stress to follow up a week of stress! We are currently making an attempt to get our mortgage in line so that we can fully agree to purchasing a house. We are hoping that by Friday we will be able to do this. But I must say, working with another time zone and people who are not in office when I call (for whatever reason), do not help contribute to the amounting stress that is building regarding getting all the paperwork we need organised and submitted in time so that the mortgage can be approved.


As it is, I am sitting here waiting to receive phone calls back from two crucial people in this process. I have been waiting for an hour. At least Spencer is napping happily and carefree. The blessings of the ignorance of youth.

Any helpful/happy thoughts to get us through this week?

Loving God through my family, friends, and interactions in my world.

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  • Jenn

    Gee sounds like a lot going on there my friend! Can totally see why you are stressed 🙂 Deep breaths. At least Spencer was sleeping while you wrote the post. Small mercies are what I try to grab at when I’m getting stressed over stuff. That would count as one 🙂 Sending hugs across the waves xox

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