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Special Day

There’s no better way to spend a birthday than with those we love. Andy’s birthday is today, and he’s just finished an amazing 34th year of his life. I’ve been blessed to have been able to share in 8 of those years, and Spencer has for nearly 2 years now. I’ve noticed that every year of our life together has been filled with at least one big thing. This year it was the move from Ottawa to Saskatoon. I’m anticipating what the next year might bring us.

Andy’s requested an awesome lasagna for supper tonight, along with garlic bread and a ceasar salad (thought the salad is ‘just so that it feels healthy’, to quote Andy). I’m super excited, cause we haven’t had this lasagna for quite awhile; I think the last time we had it was with the Fletchers in Ottawa. Before that, with the Iversons. Funny, but this lasagna seems to be tied to great memories of meals with friends and family. Tonight will just add to that repertoire! I’m making a chocolate cake for him as well. He actually gets two cakes, one today and one tomorrow to share with the staff. Lucky duck. Though it happens that the cake recipe makes 2 naturally, so it’s no more work. Oh, and he gets cream cheese icing on top, cause that just makes it completely celebratory!

Wishing you a wonderful day Andy! Spence and I love you so much!

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