Sickness Begone!

It has been a trying couple of days here in the Korvemaker house. It all started Wednesday.

Had a great morning with a friend and her cute little babe (about the same age as Spence) at an event at the library, but once we got home, around noon, Spence started to get unhappy and fussy. I had noticed earlier before we left he seemed a bit warm, but I thought perhaps my over-dressing him had finally added up this one time. Turns out that wasn’t the case. I took his temperature and it was just over 40.00C. Poor boy, and then he crashed and had naps like no normal boy of mine would and would snuggle (SNUGGLE! can you believe it?). We gave him some tylenol later on, and that brought the fever down to about 38C. Next day was the same thing, high temp, fussy, not eating, hardly drinking, so I called the nurse health line. She asked a bunch of questions then recommended I go to the clinic to get a doctor’s opinion to make sure, given it was the second day of a 40C temp. So in we went, which is never a fun ordeal, given the amount we have to pack for it.

He played for the first hour or so we waited; I think the tylenol I had given was relieving a lot of the pain/nastiness he had been feeling, but that wore off as the second hour went on, finally ending with him falling asleep on my shoulder about 15 minutes before we were called into the room. When the nurse took his temperature, it was still high. The doctor came in, did a good look about him (which poor Spencer did not enjoy), and thought it could be baby measles (aka Roseola). If it was measles, we’d know by Friday or Saturday afternoon, as his temperature would disappear and a red rash would start to appear, starting with (usually) behind his ears. If his temp went down with no rash, it was just a fever. If he still had a high temp by Saturday night with nothing, then we would need to come back to be reassessed. One way or the other, the important immediate issue was to keep the fever down, so he recommended alternating tylenol and ibuprofen for him regularly.

So, believing it could be the worst, we have been mentally preparing for another 5 days or so of recovery for the boy. As it happens, Spence’s temperature has gone back to his normal (with little or no meds) and so far he has no rash anywhere. We may have lucked out on this one! He’s had quite the rough couple of days, though. We were quite indulgent with letting him watch TV while needing to rest, so he’s now going through withdrawal when we say ‘No’ to the TV. His response is something along the lines of wailing out ‘Noooooooo!’, stomping his feet, and possibly throwing whatever he was holding. Oh, and pointing at the TV or computer and crying like he bumped his head. *sigh* Perhaps a couple weeks of no TV will help fix this lapse….

So, hence I have no picture for today, which I’m sorry about. I had been planning on taking some pictures on Wednesday (we were going to go out in the afternoon), but plans changed. And all the good photos from Hallowe’en I’ve already posted. Needless to say, I’ll have to try again next week.

Last night I started to feel sick too (exhausted, starting to get that flu-achy-ness going on), but I took some homeopathy pills that we won from a natural seminar thing we went to last year, and instead of waking up with a sore throat, no energy, and a really bad temper, I was feeling pretty good. My energy isn’t at its height, but I definitely don’t feel sick anymore. Who knew? Andy’s still against anything homeopathic related (though he hasn’t even looked into why he’s so against it), so if he gets sick, he’s not going to get as much sympathy from me (at least I tried it). Hopefully I continue on this healing trend!

Do any of you have experience in homeopathy?

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  • Jenn Russell

    Yup, I’m from a homeopathy family 🙂 Mom has studied it a good bit and has a few clients. I’ve taken a few courses too and its always my first line of defense. I haven’t taken as much as a tylenol in about a decade. With the exception of the few times I have had bronchitis and needed antibiotics, I haven’t taken a single tablet as homeopathic remedies work for me.

    Glad to hear the mystery illness has gone away. Hope the healing passes through your household! 🙂

  • Denise

    I’ve just started taking Monica to a naturopath for possible ADHD symptoms. I did not feel comfortable going the psychiatric assessment/meds route. So far, adding protein shakes in the morning (plus more protein rich school lunches and snacks), 1 tsp of cod liver oil, 1/2 tsp of probiotics and omega 3 tablets (plus her regular multi-vitamins) and she seems to be turning a corner. Things are going better at school and slowly improving at home.

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