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Second Last Monday

We have a full week ahead of us this week, which is our very last week as residents of Ottawa. We are, however, including lots of fun in this last week as well! Today we are going to Calypso Water Park for the day with both Darryl (who is visiting) and Kat. I loved it last summer, even though it was a horribly cold day, so I’m looking forward to being there in nice weather. The nice weather does mean it will be much busier than last we visited though.

Saturday we will be taking a trip with my mom (who arrives the same day that Darryl leaves) and Andy’s cousin and his family to Montreal for the day. We are so excited to be going with his cousin’s family, as they know the city so well and will be great guides for us to see the best things we can in one day.

Our place is about halfway packed up. We are making good progress, though I feel as if it won’t be enough until everything is in the moving truck and gone.

We celebrated Canada Day with some time downtown at Major’s Hill Park where the Chicken Farmers of Canada hosted the events in the park and provided food (which you had to pay for). Apparently every year they create a new chicken sandwich for the Canada Day festivities. This year it was a Royal Gala Sandwich, which honestly tasted like a chicken burger, and not much else. However, I liked supporting them 🙂

Not much else, except photos! Enjoy.

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Trying on Mama’s hats

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My, has someone outgrown a hat?

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Playing at a park

[singlepic id=1198 w=320 h=240 float=center]

Last visit with Sr. Sheila – BBQ and storm watching!

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Party at Major’s Hill Park

[singlepic id=1202 w=320 h=240 float=center]

Darryl with Parliament in the background


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