Goooo Ghana!

I am thrilled that Ghana is through to the next stages of the World Cup, as they are the last African team in the tourney. Not sure how far I’ll cheer them on, but definitely during their next match against Uruguay (Spencer might not be pleased about that).

Just this week I borrow a book from the library on sleep. I like the book so much, that I’ll even give its name: The 90-Minute Baby Sleep Program by Polly Moore. She strongly advocates that children under 1 year basically follow 90-minute awake cycles, and after this, it is their natural time to sleep and when they are most willing to sleep. She says that most parents don’t realise that their baby(ies) are overtired because this sleep rhythm is not looked for, nor is it respected in a society that is over-busy and over-scheduled. Much fussiness that babies express is actually due to being overtired.

The crazy thing about reading this book is that not a week or two before getting this book (I had been on a waiting list for it for about a month, so I had even forgot the title), I had a conversation with Andy about how I had noticed that Spencer seemed to be able to only stay awake for about an hour and a half before he seemed to get tired and grouchy and fussy. I had no idea how it worked, how it evolved, or how long it was to stay this way. I am super thankful for this book, as it has really helped us at a point in which Spencer was leaning towards becoming unmanageably fussy. Today we tried it out for the first time, and wouldn’t you know that it worked like a charm. Except for a very odd 3 hour nap with a fuss in the middle during midday, he magically fell asleep at the 90 minute mark. The other thing that she strongly warns about is that babies are not able to fall asleep on their own until (normally) at least 6 months old. Prior to that, associating sleep with the tired feeling is a learned skill. I tell you, that was news for me. It was definitely a part of the unmanageable fussiness when we would try to put him down to sleep and let him find sleep on his own. The poor boy! He doesn’t quite know yet that sleep is the answer to the tired feeling! No wonder he was so unhappy! I feel horrible, but at least it hasn’t been for too long that we’d been trying that.

Anyway, enough of the promoting (it’s a fabulous book and I totally and completely recommend it to any new moms or expecting moms!).

Today’s picture is from our walk today – he looked totally relaxed with his foot on the bar of his stroller, it was so cute.

[singlepic id=384 w=320 h=240 float=center]

Yesterday’s picture is Spencer playing with his blocks. By playing, I mean I put them on his tummy and he tries to grab it and put it in his mouth.

[singlepic id=383 w=320 h=240 float=center]

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